Hells Canyon  Winery Racking, Commercial install

RevoluSun Commercial Services

Whether you want to capitalize on Idaho’s sunshine by turning it into electricity or you want to reduce expenses through energy efficient building improvements, RevoluSun is ready to help your business. Our products, quality installations and stellar service work together to lower your overhead with sustainable solutions.


Photovoltaic systems are eligible for federal tax credits through 2019. RevoluSun’s experienced team will take your project through permitting, financing, designing and construction.


Whether your goal is to maximize savings with solar or to have peace of mind when the grid goes down, batteries are a cost-effective, reliable solution.


RevoluSun is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor offering the best warranties available.

Whether you need a new construction, retrofit or replacement of an existing system, RevoluSun’s Smart Project Developers will work with you to properly size a system for your commercial space. Not only do our trained technicians provide professional installations, they can also maintain your HVAC system to keep it operating at its best for years to come.