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Boise Goathead Fest

Revolusun is proud to be an ambassador to Boise’s Goathead Fest.

For years, the Goathead Monster has plagued the bicycle community. Rides have been ruined, tires have been trashed, and punctures have permeated our pedal powered lives. But now the monster’s had a change of heart. Instead of popping tires on August 2nd and 3rd, Boise’s most despised invasive specie will be giving back to Boise’s bicycle nonprofits and lending its hand in transforming Boise into the Bicycle Capital of America.

5-10PM: Launch Party hosted by KRBX, Radio Boise - 89.9/93.5 FM

10AM: Parade Registration Opens!
11AM: Parade Launch!
12AM: Parade returns, festivities roll in until 5pm!