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Anna and Kelly Clark of the Rockin K Bar C Ranch were looking for a way to make

their Central Idaho Yak ranch more resilient. They turned to solar power to run

their well pumps, power the barn and sheds, and provide domestic electricity.

“We were looking for a way to become more independent and cut our ranching

costs. Solar was the way to go. We’ve eliminated our power bills”

Kelly Clark, Yak Rancher and Solar Believer

Their 27-panel solar array is mounted on the main hay barn and provides the

power for their entire operation. Additionally, they have backup power through

their SMA Inverter and can run critical equipment in grid power outages.

The Clarks used their handyman, ranch skills to install the solar array and had the

system completed in two weeks. “Tuck and his crew delivered exactly on time and

made our installation go smoothly with their technical skills. If I have any

questions, they are right there with the answers. We couldn’t ask for more.”

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